Meet the Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive and founder of Likumbi Travel & Tours Raphael Kayombo Ngimbu is a Journalist and Teacher by profession born on 1st June, 1981. He founded Likumbi Travel & Tours on 28th August, 2018. His main objective is to create a trusted authentic Travel & Tour Operator to help international tourists appreciate African Safaris and Culture. Having been Born and Bread in a Luvale cultural environment he developed a desire in showing cultural enthusiasts around the world, the rich cultures of Zambia.

Aside being a cultural lover Raphael is a natural born adventurer and his journalism career was the icing on the cake for it has and continues to help him in explore and gain a deep understanding of different cultural ceremonies and practices around the country. Raphael boosts of a keen eye for great places, He has a knack for indigenous places, food, landscapes etc. He loves to add life to his days by going out on adventurous thus is familiar with the best safaris, cultures activities and events in different parts of the country.

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