Petty theft is as common as any major city where unemployment is high. Be very awake when walking around carrying anything of value, there are master pickpockets here and there. Never leave your vehicle unlocked and never change money on the streets. For the most part, however, Zambians are very friendly and helpful.

As far as personal safety is concerned, one could easily hitchhike alone throughout the country without a problem. Theft however is possible in the bigger towns and cities as it is the world over. Don’t walk around with things you can’t do without, like your passport or airline tickets. Carry minimum amounts of cash and keep it hidden or in a money belt and if possible, don’t leave your car unattended. This is less of a problem in the rural areas.

Emergency – 999
Police – 991
Lusaka, Central Police Station – 0211 220006
Lusaka, Central Fire Station – 0211 220180
Lusaka, Ambulance Service – 0211 220180
National Telephone Operator – 100
National Directory – 102
International Operator – 090
Ambulance – 991
Fire Brigade – 993
Hospital UTH – Lusaka General Line – 0211 251200
Casualty Direct Line – 0211 254115
Livingstone Central Police – 0213 3 323575/320116
Livingstone Fire Station – 0213 324043

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