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Chivweka is a Luchazi word literally meaning igniting fire. 
This is a ceremony performed by the luchazi and they have done it for quite a considerable time now. Two wooden  dry sticks are rubbed against each other at high speed. As a result of this friction brings forth fire which is the climax of the ceremony.
The Luchazi people of Zambia celebrate this superfluous and suspicious event in remembrance of the giant step that the innovator took in creating fire to help people cook food in the wilderness. 
The Luchazi people celebrate it as they claim the bragging rights of this innovation.
A number of activities are lined up that include but not limited to:

1. Kuvumbuka (emerging) of the makishi masquerades from the grave yards. 

2. Chilende at the CBD area after a match past procession of the masquerades

3. Main chilende at the palace on the second day and exhibition of various artifacts of the luchazi people.

4. The main day has a hive of activities that mesmerizes the audience day long that culminates in the igniting of the fire in the presence of his royal Highness Chief Kalunga in the Main arena at the palace.

The chivweka loyalists resolved that the chivweka takes place every  last week of July and more so the last Saturday the chief comes out to be seen by his subjects. Chivweka traditional ceremony is a Mini Likumbi Lya Mize ceremony because the two ceremonies are similar.

Chivweka traditional ceremony will be held from 27th-30the July 2022 in Kabompo District of Northwestern Zambia.


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