Attending the Likumbi lya Mize festival of the Luvale people of Northwestern Zambia was one of the most meaningful experiences of my life. Living in Zambezi leading up to Mize Day made the festival that much more enjoyable.That time in the Northwest allowed me to befriend incredible people, learn about the rich Luvale culture, and gain some understanding of the events that would unfold during the celebration. The festival itself was exciting, beautiful, and just flat out fun. Mize capital was saturated with delicious food, non-stop dancing, and intense drumming. After years of studying Zambian drumming (months specifically with the Vaka Chinyama), I was even fortunate enough to perform during the festival. Throughout my career as a professional musician, music-researcher, and educator, no performance has ever been as fulfilling as this. I am eternally grateful to the Luvale people for their hospitality and willingness to open a window into their beautiful culture.
Hanga twayoya, Vaka Chinyama!