Chinyingi Suspended Bridge

About 30 km north of the town of Zambezi, in one of the most remote areas of Zambia, you’ll find a Capuchin mission and hospital in Chinyingi. They do much good work for the poorest local communities, providing medical assistance and spiritual guidance to those in need. Of special interest is the 280 m long footbridge, constructed by Father Crispin Valeri in the 70s, after he saw five people drown trying to cross the river to get medical help. He begged for donations from the copper mines in the Copperbelt, and used unskilled labour from the local community to erect the bridge. Today the bridge is still standing strong and is one of only four to stretch across the Zambezi without any supports. The others are the Victoria Falls Bridge and the Otto Beit Bridge, both spanning the river between Zambia and Zimbabwe, and the Samora Machel Bridge, in the town of Tete in northwest Mozambique. All three are engineering feats, built from concrete with skilled labour and machinery.

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