Kasanka National Park

Kasanka is one of the smallest national parks in Zambia, it’s also one of the most beautiful, boasting an incredible biodiversity that.
There are a few wildlife phenomena that really stand out as extraordinary events like the Kasanka Bat Migration. Up to ten million “straw-colored fruit bats” converge upon Kasanka National Park as the fruits of a local tree ripen. These bats roost in a specific woodland and literally cover the trunks of the trees like thick icing. Then at sunset they all take off and fly out to forage. The sky is thick with bats. You can view all this from the 60 ft high hide, in a tree top, next to the woodland. And from this hide, during the day you will see many sitatunga in the swamp below.
Being part of the Congo Basin, the area ecologically is in between the dryer well-known safari destinations in eastern and southern Africa and the rainforests of central Africa. There is an enormous diversity in habitats, including rainforest, papyrus swamp, wet grassland, plains, forested rivers and miombo woodland. Puku occur in big numbers and the park has the densest and most visible population of Sitatunga.

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